Free RPG Day – June 17, 2017

It’s that time of year again.  On June 17th, we will be celebrating Free RPG Day at Game Masters as we do every year. We will be conducting two sessions of games, beginning at noon and 5PM that day.  Each session will consist of 6 games.  We’ve selected games that we think you should be trying out and a few that have received rave reviews over the past year.

You can sign up for one or both sessions and also rank the games in order of interest.  We will do the best we can to slot you in the games you rate most highly.  These are all excellent games to test.

This year, we will be providing all of the food for the entire day.  In order to help pay for the catering, we are charging a fee of $12/1 session or $20/both sessions.  This is to pay for the food, not the games.  We will have hot and cold food all day and the fee will handle part of the cost.  We will of course do our best to give you your top ranked games.

To provide your fee via PayPal follow the instructions below:

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The games are:

Savage Rifts® brings the incredibly popular world of Palladium Books’ Rifts® to the award-winning Savage Worlds system by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The gates of the Megaverse® bring infinite challenge and adventure to a war-torn world struggling to build its future.

Adventures in Middle-Earth: Smaug has been defeated, the Battle of Five Armies has been won, and Bilbo has returned to the Shire. But much danger still remains, and from the Orc-holds of the mountains to the dark and corrupt depths of Mirkwood a darkness waits, recovering its strength, laying its plans, and slowly extending its shadow…

Symbaroum: Come join the adventure in Symbaroum, the acclaimed Swedish roleplaying game! Explore the vast Forest of Davokar in the hunt for treasure, lost wisdom and eternal fame. Visit the barbarian clans to trade or to plunder their treasuries.

Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of takes you into the world of Conan the Barbarian, where heroes raise blood-spattered swords against dire sorcery, exotic lands beckon to the daring, danger and treasure lurks in forgotten ruins, and where loathsome creatures haunt the spaces beneath the earth… as well as in the throne-rooms of mighty kingdoms!

The Dark Eye is a fantasy roleplaying game wherein you and your friends play the leading roles at the center of heroic action. Travel the land as a virtuous knight, elven ranger, or erudite mage. Rebuild the war weary Middenrealm, marvel at exotic wonders in the Lands of the Tulamydes, discover lost ruins in the steaming jungles of the South, or try to drive back the evil of the Shadowlands....

Take your favorite fantasy RPG to the stars! Set thousands of years in Pathfinder's future, Starfinder is a stand-alone roleplaying game evolved from the Pathfinder rules and designed to bring you a whole new universe of science fantasy adventures. Play alien races both new and familiar as you explore the mysteries of a weird galaxy. Will you be an android assassin fulfilling corporate contracts, or a plucky ratfolk mechanic? A spellhacking lashunta technomancer, or a rakish human pilot? Uncountable worlds are waiting for you and your intrepid crew!



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Rifts (Savage Worlds)

Adventures in Middle-Earth



Dark Eye