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Board Game Rental

rentalWe’ve just kicked off a new board game rental program in the store.  I’ve got over 100 games for rent and will continue to supplement the library if the program takes off.  It’s easy to use.  I have a short form you complete to rent the game.  The cost is 10% of MSRP of the game for a two-day rental.  If your game would be due back on Sunday, you actually get the extra day and can return the game on Monday.  Late fees will apply at the same 10% MSRP/day rate.  If you decide you want to buy the game you just rented, I will give you 10% MSRP, making the rental free!  This only applies if you decide to buy the game when you return it. You can rent the games and play in-store or take them home.  Please take care to return them in the shape you took them, with all pieces present.

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